DOOM Eternal – Taras Nabad (2nd Secret Encounter)

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Dealing with that annoying second secret encounter with the Marauder.


One of the most annoying recurring enemies in Doom:E is the Marauder, a very defensive enemy with offensive powers that can deal pretty decent damage (not to mention the annoying wolf he spawns). With his magic shield he can block almost any attack you throw at him (which he also blocks a BFG shot with, cuz ftw).

In the level “Taras Nabad” there are two secret encounters, one of which can be dealt with quickly, while the other takes some finesse. In the second secret encounter, you are tasked with killing a Marauder in 30 seconds, yes that guy who can block your shots and is only vulnerable when his eyes glow green (ugh..) also, sometimes he enters a pain state where he can not be damaged no matter what you throw at him. While he can block your shots, there is one thing he can not block, and that is game mechanics.


Once you start the secret encounter, kill his two fodder minions and immediately proceed forward (the direction you would normally go when continuing the mission) once you reach the area where you climb out of a well, just climb up the first surface and wait. The Marauder will despawn before the timer goes out, if you’re quick enough. Don’t ask me to explain this, just accept it.

Some pictures if you are a visual person:

Where I grabbed the wall and the Marauder despawned.

Where the secret encounter is normally located.

Proceeding forward towards the well.


Well there ya go, one annoying secret encounter done, and one less Marauder to give you heartburn. Cheesy mobs deserve cheesy deaths.

Maybe for some of you this encounter was easy, but for me I almost gave it up until I discovered this.

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