When it comes to the Persona games, alternate endings are usually less of a “feature,” and more of a “punishment.” Persona 3, Persona 4, and Persona 5 all had alternate ending paths, but aside from a couple of standout examples, they were usually just sudden, lousy story cutoffs that resulted from you making an obviously incorrect decision at an important plot juncture. While clearly a departure from the rest of the series, Persona 5 Strikers is still a Persona game, so you’d be forgiven for being curious about whether or not this is something you have to be cautious of. So, does Persona 5 Strikers have multiple endings?

Does Persona 5 Strikers have Multiple Endings?

The good news is no, the game does not multiple endings. Persona 5 Strikers only has one concrete ending to its main story. You won’t be offered any Earth-shattering choices by big spooky dudes, and you won’t change the face of the planet by eating a particular bowl of ramen with Ryuji. Just play the game normally and complete as much or as little side content as your little heart desires, and you will reach the story’s proper ending.

While there aren’t any other endings, though, if you’re still craving more action after you beat the game, Persona 5 Strikers does feature a New Game Plus option. Starting a New Game Plus will carry over all levels, items, and equipment for your party members, all of whom will be immediately available to utilize from the very beginning. Though, unlocking New Game Plus isn’t actually as easy as just beating the game; you’ll need to complete all of Lavenza’s “Painful Past” requests, as well as one extra tough boss fight. Clearing that fight unlocks both New Game Plus and the Risky difficulty setting if you want your next playthrough to have a little more zing.