Part of the fun of exploring your backyard or local forest as a kid was discovering new things. Nothing beats that rush of endorphins that comes from discovering something brand new for the first time. However, as is the definition of the word “discover,” you can only do it once. Once you know about something, you can never find it for the first time again, especially if you take pieces of it home with you, and that still applies even if you live in a magical Norse mythology world. That brings us to today’s question: do the dungeons and crypts of Valheim respawn?

When you get your hands on the Swamp Key from The Elder and can finally start raiding the Swamp biome’s various Crypts, you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world. But remember, the Swamp can only be so big, which means there’s only so much square feet for a Crypt entrance to spawn on. Sooner or later, you will uncover every Crypt in the biome and looted all of them for their resources. It’d certainly be nice if you could just go back in there after a few days to raid them again, but sadly, life ain’t that accommodating.

Do Dungeons Respawn in Valheim?

Every item you find in Dungeons, Crypts, or any other self-contained area is one-a-pop. Once you pick them up, that’s all you’re getting; they will not respawn. This includes things like scrap iron, precious gems, money, or Surtling Cores. Once you’ve availed yourself of a Dungeon’s resources, there’s basically no reason to go back in there. Well, almost.There is precisely one thing that will respawn in Dungeons and Crypts even after you pick it up: yellow mushrooms. These fun guys naturally occur in deep, dark, and dank places, so even when you harvest them, they’ll sprout back up after some time has passed. Yellow mushrooms can be used to make stamina potions, so if you’re in need of energy drinks, used Dungeons are a good source for them, if nothing else.