Division 2 Manhunt Progress Reset or Not Tracking Bug

Season 1 of Warlords of New York is underway in The Division 2. It features a new seasonal manhunt, the first target of which is Neptune. You have to grind a bunch of activities, including missions and control points, before you figure out where to find Neptune. A number of players have been complaining about a bug which wipes their progress. If you were affected by this issue, this guide will explain why the Division 2 manhunt progress reset or not tracking bug happens and how to avoid it.

division 2 manhunt progres not tracking bug
Division 2 Manhunt Progress Reset or Not Tracking Bug

Seasonal manhunt progress reset

After some investigation, we discovered this isn’t a bug at all. It happens when you change global difficulty or directives – the game warns you you’ll lose progress when you try, and if you accept despite the warning, you’ll end up losing progress. So the fix is pretty easy – don’t mess with global difficulty and don’t change directives until you’ve completed the manhunt.

Most players don’t touch the difficulty settings that often, as they’ve already found the difficulty that suits them most. However, the directives are a new feature and lots of people are trying them out for the first time, unaware of the ways they affect the game. Their main effect is giving you additional XP in exchange for making you play with a certain modifier, like no armor regeneration, no minimap and directional threat indicators and more.

If you look at the bottom right of the difficulty settings screen, you’ll see the warning yourself. It says when you change any of these settings, all players and content will respawn, all uncollected loot will be lost, and any targets in progress will be reset.

So just avoid changing any of these until you’ve completed Neptune’s portion of the manhunt, and you won’t lose anything.

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