DiRT Rally – How to Obtain It's a Bold Strategy Achievement (Easy Cheat)

I found a way to easily get this achievement without actually winning the race.

It’s a Bold Strategy Achievement Guide

How to Win Without Victory

This achievement requires you to win a Rallycross race while taking joker lap each lap. But there is an easy way to do it during heats races without actually winning.

Step 1

Go to custom championships, create a rallycross championship. One event, 2 laps for heats and easy oponents.

Step 2

Complete first three heats as usual, taking just one required joker lap. Do your best and win first three heats (or at least get as many points as you can. My standings were 2nd, 1st, 1st and that was enough).

Step 3

On 4th heats race take joker lap both laps. You will probably loose some time and will have bad results, but because you had good points from three previous runs – your total points should be enough to still get into top 12(I was 4th). Although you technically did not win the race itself, you will get this achievement, because game counts getting to semi finals as victory for some reason.

Take the Joker on every lap of a race and win.

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