Destiny 2: Where to Find Fallen Captains – Leaderless, They Fall Bounty

Destiny 2 features a new obelisk weekly bounty called Leaderless, They Fall. This new bounty is completed by killing a total of 20 Fallen Captains. Fallen Captains are special Fallen enemies you will not encounter very often. Since they are a bit rare, I’ve put together a where to find Fallen Captains guide to help you find this enemy type.

Note: use a Sniper Rifle during the activities listed below and aim for precision kills. This will help you easily get the 45 Sniper Rifle kills needed to complete the bounty.

Fallen Captains in Lost Sectors Locations

Image showing a Fallen Captain inside a Lost Sector on the EDZ.

Ten of the Lost Sectors that have Fallen as its enemy type end with a Fallen Captain boss. These Fallen Captain Lost Sectors can be found on 2 of the planets in Destiny 2. To help you narrow down the Lost Sectors with Fallen Captain bosses use the list below:

EDZ Fallen Captain Lost Sectors

  • Scavenger’s Den: Fallen Graxus, Blind Captain.
  • The Drain: Fallen Drekthas, Metal Captain.
  • Whispered Falls: Fallen Keldrik, Drained Captain.
  • Flooded Chasm: Fallen Phyzann, Drowned Captain.
  • Shaft 13: Fallen Calzar, Scarred Captain.
  • Atrium: Fallen Skexis, Outcast Captain.
  • Terminus East: Fallen Kalsis, Sunless Captain.
  • Widow’s Walk: Fallen Mazan, Lost Captain.
  • The Weep: Fallen Rannix, Drenched Captain.

Nessus Fallen Captain Lost Sectors

  • The Rift: Fallen Talas, Dusk Captain.

Like other Lost Sectors you need to reach the end of the Lost Sector to find the boss which in this case is a Fallen Captain. This means you need to run a total of twenty Lost Sectors to complete the first objective if you wish to use this approach.

Fallen Captain in Heroic Glimmer Extraction Public Events

Image showing an Extractor Captain during the Heroic Glimmer Extraction event in Destiny 2.

If the thought of running Lost Sectors twenty times is boring to you there is an alternative option which is to run Heroic Glimmer Extraction Public Events. Each wave of this Public Event features some type of Fallen Captain meaning you can quickly get 7-8 Captains killed in the span of a Public Event.

Fallen Captain Farm in The Tangled Shore

Image showing where to farm Fallen Captains in The Tangled Shore.

The two options listed above are tied to events so I’m going to give you a non-event based farm here. Make your way to The Tangled Shore and head to Thieve’s Landing. Around the two large buildings circled on the map above there are two red bar Fallen Captains that spawn in. To farm them simply kill the captain and their adds and then rotate to the next captain. Fairly easy to do this method.

These are just a few locations you can find Fallen Captains at. If you have any you think are really effecient, let me hear them in the comments below. As always thanks for reading and good luck out there.

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