The Trials of Osiris map and rewards update every Friday in Destiny 2 for the weekend ahead. Players can put their PvP skills to the test and see if they can get a flawless seven-win streak. Earn some powerful exotics depending on how many wins you can rack up in a run. Here’s a look at the Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris map and rewards for May 14, 2021.

Trials of Osiris Map for May 14

The Trials of Osiris map for May 14 is Endless Vale. Every Friday at 1:00 PM EST, the map and rewards will both reset. We usually have an update right around this time and will continue posting the loot rewards as they reveal. Check back again next week for an updated list. 

Trials of Osiris Loot Rewards

  • 3 Wins – SMG
  • 5 Wins – Sniper
  • 7 Wins – Chest
  • Flawless – Adept Messenger

Trials Passages

Five Trials Passages are available to give players unique perks for their Trials runs. You can pick these up from Saint-14 at the Tower. The passages are as follows:

  • Confidence  – Bonus reward from the flawless chest.
  • Ferocity – Earn extra rewards for three wins and no losses.
  • Mercy – Forgive one loss during your Trials run.
  • Wealth – Earn more tokens for three, five, and seven wins.
  • Wisdom – Earn some bonus XP for Trials wins.