Destiny 2: The Sundial Guide

Included in the new Season Pass in Destiny 2 is the release of a new PvE mode called The Sundial. In The Sundial mode players are tasked with scoring points by defeating enemies across a few sections with different gameplay mechanics. To help you complete this mode use our The Sundial guide below.

Note: The guide below contains all information on The Sundial including the weekly released bosses (will be updated semi-weekly).

How to Access The Sundial Mode in Destiny 2?

Image showing how to access The Sundial mission in Destiny 2.

To access The Sundial PvE mode you first need to own the new Season of Dawn Season Pass for Destiny 2. This Season Pass costs $10. Once you own the Season Pass you will gain access to a number of things including the new The Sundial game mode. This game mode can be accessed by completing the A Matter of Time quest line on Mercury for Ikora and Osiris. Once you’ve completed this quest line you will be able to play the Arena mode whenever you wish as it is accessible on the Mercury map.

What is The Sundial Arena Mission?

The Sundial is a new seasonal 1-6 Guardian PvE mode that challenges players with fighting Cabal inside The Sundial across multiple areas. In each area players are tasked with filling a progress bar by scoring points from killing tough enemies. Once the progress bar is completely filled players face-off against The Sundial boss.

What makes The Sundial mode especially interesting is the inclusion of opening Obelisks on different worlds. These Obelisks can be tied to The Sundial to manipulate the pool of rewards available to you at the end of The Sundial mission. This mechanic is explained to you during the A Disturbance on Mars mission.

The Sundial Guide

The Sundial PvE mission is broken up into different section. In each section you are tasked with scoring points through combat to fill a progress bar (upper left corner of screen below compass). Each section has a time limit of 5 minutes or is completed when the diamond in the progress bar is reached. Once the progress bar is filled you face off against The Sundial boss. In each section you score the following off these types of enemies killed:

  • Champion: 300/350.
  • Boss: 900.

As mentioned above The Sundial is broken up into unique sections. Each section follows a standard procedure of completing some game mechanic to summon the high-scoring bosses. This mechanic is repeated over and over again until the time limit of that section is reached or the progress bar is filled. An optimal run is three sections then the boss (note you will spawn an additional section if you don’t fill the bar in time). Read about each section’s game mechanics below.

Starting Section: Ascent

Image showing the Ascent portion of The Sundial Arena mission.

The first section you spawn into at the start of the level is always the same and it is called Ascent. Here you and your team make your way through the opening area to The Sundial fighting various Cabal enemies that appear. Unlike the other sections this portion has no time limit and is combat focused. Instead you need to reach the diamond in the progress bar (first tick).

Once you’ve reached the first tick on your progress bar you will gain access to The Sundial. Interact with The Sundial to move onto one of the next possible section of the Arena mission.

Possible Section: Datamine

Image showing the Datamine portion of Destiny 2's The Sundial PvE Arena mission.

During Datamine you want to capture three plates throughout the area by standing on them. At the start there is only one plate, then once you capture that plate two more appear in the level. As you stand on the plates enemies spawn into the level and attack you. Defend the plates and attempt to capture them. Capturing a plate rewards you with 550 progress and spawns in a boss. Once you’ve reached the progress tick or run out of time you will return to The Sundial and advance the next section or the boss fight.

Possible Section: Gatecrash

Image showing the Gatecrash portion of Destiny 2's The Sundial PvE Arena mission.

In this possible section you want to kill the three Arc-Charged Minotaurs that spawn and pick up the energy balls they drop. Deposit the energy balls on the other side of the area to summon a boss. Repeat this process for 5 minutes or until you fill the progress bar. Note you earn 50 progress every time the energy ball is deposited. Once you’ve reached the progress tick or run out of time you will return to The Sundial and advance the next section or the boss fight.

Possible Section: Bombardment

Image showing the Bombardment portion of Destiny 2's The Sundial PvE Arena mission.

The fourth and final possible section is called Bombardment. In this section there is a boss spawn (Time Warden) in the middle of the arena and two landing platforms on the left and right. The boss in the middle does not take damage. To deal damage to the boss in the middle you need to kill the Ordinance Centurions that spawn on the landing platforms and use the Relics they drop to lower the bosses shield (by throwing the Relic at the boss). This process repeats until you fill the bar or run out of time. Upon completion you will return to The Sundial.

Boss: Niruul, the Hollow Voice

Image showing Niruul, the Hollow Voice in The Sundial.

Note: it appears that the final boss will change periodically for The Sundial.

Once you’ve filled the progress bar completely full you will gain access to the boss fight with Niruul, the Hollow Voice. This boss is fairly standard to fight. It will be vulnerable for certain periods then will trigger a shield. While the shield is up a number of adds will appear in the arena. Take them out then focus damage on Niruul. Rinse and repeat until the boss dies.

Once the boss is defeated you return to The Sundial. Here you will be prompted to interact with the terminal to pick your reward. Depending on which obelisk you have active determines the items available to you.

This concludes our The Sundial guide. If you have anything you wish to add or can provide more clarity hit me up in the comments below. Thanks for reading and good luck out there.

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