Destiny 2: Empyrean Restoration Event Guide

As the new season of Destiny 2 rolls along, Bungie has been releasing various additions to the game. Some of these additions are new exotics while others are more complex gameplay elements. One of the new gameplay elements is a new event called the Empyrean Restoration. Continue reading our Empyrean Restoration event guide below to learn more about this limited time event.

What is the Empyrean Foundation Event in Destiny 2?

The Empyrean Foundation event is a new seasonal event players can complete in Destiny 2. This new seasonal event is free for all players of Destiny 2. To start this new event make your way to Saint-14 in the Hanger on the Tower. Speak with him to receive the first quest step called Heart of the Sundial.

How to Complete Heart of the Sundial Quest Step?

Image showing the boss Inotam, Oblivions Triune.

To complete the Bright Future quest step you need to defeat the boss named Inotam, Oblivion’s Triune at the end of The Sundial on Mercury. To defeat Inotam make start a sundial run and complete it up to the end boss. The final boss fight has you facing off against Inotam, Oblivion’s Triune. To defeat Inotam you need to stand on plates to lower his shields then deal damage to him. You will then teleport to a new area. Kill the enemy that appears in this new area to transport back. Once you’ve done a few circuits of this you will defeat this boss. Upon defeat you will receive the next quest step called Brighten the Core.

How to Complete the Brighten the Core Quest Step?

Image showing how to complete the Brighten the Core quest step in Destiny 2.

The Brighten the Core quest step tasks you with collecting Orbs of Light. In total you need to collect 30. To do this take part in any activities with other players and focus on picking up Orbs of Light. Fastest way I’ve found is simply running the Sundial since there are six players with you in this activity. Regardless of the activity you choose collect the 30 Orbs of Light to receive your next quest step called Lantern in the Dark.

How to complete the Lantern in the Dark Quest Step?

Image showing How to complete the Lantern in the Dark Quest Step.

Note: Once this portion of the quest is completed you are able to start donating Generated Polarized Fractaline to the Obelisk.

Once you have collected all 30 Orbs of Light you will receive the quest step called Lantern in the Dark. To complete this quest step head to the Tower and interact with the Obelisk there. When you interact with the Obelisk you will insert the light infused core. This triggers the event text seen above. This signals that you can start donating Fractaline to the Tower Obelisk.

What to know about Donating Fractaline?

  • You can donate Fractaline at the Tower obelisk over the next 5 weeks.
  • There are community goals for donation totals that will reward players when reached.
  • The Tower Obelisk generates Fractaline weekly based on resonance rank. The higher you level up each obelisk the more it will passively generate.
  • Contribute 5K Fractaline to unlock an Emblem and Shader.
  • Contributing Fractaline grants 25% progress towards Timeslot bounties in your inventory.

After this text you will receive 700 Generated Polarized Fractaline for your efforts. Once you’ve receive this reward you will get the final quest step called Pharos Link.

To complete this step simply head to Mercury and meet up with Osiris inside the Sundial. Speak to Osiris to learn some lore and receive some XP. This ends the quest line.

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