Destiny 2: Devil’s Ruin Exotic Quest Guide

On January 7th Bungie released a new Exotic Quest for players with the Season of Dawn pass of Destiny 2 to complete. This new Exotic Quest is for the side arm called Devil’s Ruin. To help you get this weapon use our Devil’s Ruin exotic quest guide below.

How to Start the Devil’s Ruin Exotic Quest?

Image showing where to start the Devil's Ruin Exotic Quest in Destiny 2.

When you login to Destiny 2 after the refresh you will be greeted with the screen shown about the new exotic quest. This screen gives you some information on how to start the Devil’s Ruin exotic quest. Basically to start this new quest you need to play the Sundial on Mercury and defeat Champions. Once you’ve defeated enough Champions you will get the quest at the end of a Sundial run (should only take you like one playthrough). Select the quest to start the A Moment in Time Exotic Quest.

A Moment in Time Quest Guide

Once you have the Exotic Quest in your quest list you will begin to complete the steps needed to get the Devil’s Ruin weapon. The portions below will show you how to complete each step of this Exotic Quest.

Visit Saint-14 on the Tower

Head to the Hangar on the Tower and speak to Saint-14. When you speak to this Guardian he will take the weapon frame from you and give you the next quest step called A Tour Through History.

How to Complete A Tour Through History? Timelost Fragements Locations

To complete this objective you need to head to the Twilight Gap in the EDZ. This location is actually a mission marked on the lower left corner of the EDZ map called Parts Long Lost. Start this mission and collect the 10 Timelost Fragments in it. Note these fragments can be found on corpses throughout the level. Locations of all 10 can be found in the video above from YouTuber Esoterickk. Once you complete this objective you will trigger some dialogue from Saint-14 and Osiris. After this dialogue you will receive the Devil’s Ruin sidearm (weapon perks here).

That’s all you need to know to complete the Devil’s Ruin Exotic Quest. From the standpoint of Exotic Quests, this one is fairly easy to complete. If you have any comments or questions, drop them in the comments below.

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