Destiny 2: Cornerstone Guide – How to Activate Tower Obelisk

Saint-14 has returned to Destiny 2. You will find him residing in The Tower hanger. Here you can speak with him to receive new quests. One of the new quests is called Cornerstone. To help you complete this quest use our Cornerstone guide below.

NOTE: pick up the Tribute to the Colonies quest from Saint-14 at the same time to cut down the time of that quest.

Speak to Saint-14 and Start the Cornerstone Quest

Image showing the location of Saint-14 in Destiny 2.

To start this mission make your way to the hangar and speak to Saint-14. He has a few quests available for you. Select the Cornerstone quest to trigger the first quest step called Some Assembly Required.

How to Complete Some Assembly Required

Image showing How to Complete Some Assembly Required in Destiny 2.

Instead of focusing on this objective, I recommend completing the Tribute to the Colonies quest since you will unlock at least a portion of the objectives in this quest step by completing that quest. With that said here’s what you need to collect for this step:

  • Crucial Fallen Components (10).
  • Crucial Cabal Components (10).
  • Crucial Vex Components (10).

The Crucial Components listed above drop off of the enemy of that type that are orange bar or higher. Since you need to complete Public Events for the Tribute to the Colonies quest anyways you can easily knock this portion out during that questline. Once you’ve collected the required parts head back to the Tower and speak to Saint-14.

How to Complete Delivery Pending and Unlock the Tower Obelisk

Image showing how to activate the Tower Obelisk in Destiny 2.

After you’ve delivered the parts to Saint-14 he will give you an obelisk to place in The Tower. Head to the spawn location and you will see the obelisk. Place the obelisk to activate it. Upon activation you will gain access to the Tower obelisk. From this obelisk you can manage the obelisks that are currently active and take on quests for each obelisk:

You also gain access to consumable items called Timelost Friends and Fractaline Skimmer which improve XP gained for Timelost bounties and Polarized Fractaline earned from playlist activities when used.

That ends the Cornerstone mission, but there is plenty more for you to undertake with the Tower obelisk unlocked. Good luck out there Guardian.

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