Destiny 2: Cheer Up Guide – Dawning Cheer Exotic Vehicle Unlock

With the new the Dawning event currently underway in Destiny 2 there are two new exotic quests for players to complete. These quests are for Exotic vehicle unlocks. To help you complete these quests if been putting together guides for each. This guide shows you how to complete the Cheer Up exotic quest for yourself.

How to Bake and Deliver Vanilla Blades

Image showing who to deliver the Vanilla Blades to in Destiny 2.

Vanilla Blades Recipe: Cabal Oil + Sharp Flavor + Essence of Dawning.

To complete this exotic quest you need to deliver a number of gifts to various NPCs. The first gift is the Vanilla Blades. To make Vanilla Blades you want to collect Cabal Oil from defeating Cabal; Sharp Flavor by using swords on enemies; and 15x Essence of Dawning by completing different activities like strikes, Patrols, etc. Once you have all the ingredients listed above use Eva’s Holiday Oven 2.0 to cook up the Vanilla Blades. When cooked take them to Lord Shaxx on the Tower.

How to Bake and Deliver Chocolate Ship Cookies

Image showing who to deliver the Chocolate Ship Cookies to in Destiny 2.

Chocolate Ship Cookies Recipe: Cabal Oil + Null Taste + Essence of Dawning.

The next gift to make is the Chocolate Ship Cookies for Amand Holliday on the Tower. To make this gift you want to collect the Cabal Oil by defeating Cabal; Null Taste by using Void damage to defeat enemies; and 15 Essence of Dawning from various activities. Once you have the Chocolate Ship Cookies made take them to Amanda Holliday in the hangar of the Tower.

How to Bake and Deliver Eliksni Birdseed

Image showing delivering the Eliksni Birdseed to Hawthorne.

Chocolate Ship Cookies Recipe: Ether Cane + Personal Touch + Essence of Dawning.

This final gift is for Hawthorne’s bird Louis. Since Louis is a bird it is only right that you bring him birdseed. To make Eliksnki Birdseed collect the following ingredients:

  • Ether Cane: from farming Forsaken enemies.
  • Personal Touch: from defeating enemies while up closed
  • 15x Essence of Dawning: earned by completing most activities.

Once you have the above listed ingredients make the Eliksni Birdseed and deliver it to Hawthorne on the Tower.

Make 12 Gifts

The final objective is to bake 12 Gifts. This should occur naturally as you play-through the Dawning since there is emphasis on baking gifts for other NPCs. If you’ve followed this guide so far you will have 3/12 already. Check out the recipe list to see what other gifts can be made.

Return to Eva to Claim Dawning Cheer Exotic Vehicle

Image showing the Dawning Cheer Exotic Vehicle in Destiny 2.

Upon delivery of all the gifts listed above you will receive the final quest objective which is to return to Eva. When you return to Eva she will give you the Dawning Cheer Exotic Vehicle for completing the Cheer Up? mission. Not a bad reward.

This concludes our Destiny 2 Cheer Up guide. Did you find this guide useful? Let us know in the comments section below. Also tell us what you thought of the Dawning Cheer Exotic Vehicle? Is it worth the effort?

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