Deep The Game – Player Customization Item Drop Chances & Coin Duplicates

If you were wondering what is the chance to get that red rarity Reaper skin in Deep, here we have some some information that can help you out.

Item Rarities

Every cosmetic item in Deep has its rarity. The simpler the skin is, the rarity is lower, etc. Here are all the rarities and their colors and cards.


Common items are currently all shirt colors. Common rarity is represented as white color.


Rare items are currently all hats. Rare rarity is represented as a blue color.

Super Rare

Super Rare items are one of three skin rarities. Super Rare rarity is represented as yellow color.

Ultra Rare

Ultra Rare items are the second of three skin rarities. Ultra Rare rarity is represented as purple color.


Mythic items are the best skin rarity. Mythic rarity is represented as a red color.


Special items are items that aren’t obtainable with chests. You can only get them if you have a special code or in certain events. Special rarity is represented as a green color.

Chest Drop Percentages

Here are drop percentages for each rarity:

  • Common (White) – 45%
  • Rare (Blue) – 30%
  • Super Rare (Yellow) – 15%
  • Ultra Rare (Purple) – 6%
  • Mythic (Red) – 1%

Coins Rewarded for a Duplicate Iitem

  • Common – 100 Coins
  • Rare – 250 Coins
  • Super Rare – 500 Coins
  • Ultra Rare – 1000 Coins
  • Mythic – 4000 Coins

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