Death Stranding: How to Build a Bridge – Order 10 Bridge Construction

Bridge construction is one of the missions in Death Stranding. It’s Order number 10, one of the early ones, and it requires you to build a bridge in a specific place. Since it’s early days, and the game does a terrible job of explaining things, a lot of people are getting stuck here. This guide is going to show you how to build a bridge in Death Stranding, so you can complete Order 10: Bridge Construction.

death stranding bridge construction how to build bridge
Death Stranding Bridge Construction – How to Build a Bridge

How to build a bridge in Death Stranding?

The problem with the bridge construction mission is that you don’t actually have to lay the foundation yourself, but that isn’t made clear. If you go to the designate area, you’ll find the foundation has already been laid. This means you just have to deposit enough materials to complete the construction. Approach the terminal, then press and hold Options button. This will open up the structures menu, which will allow you to submit the materials and complete the structure. The steps for building a bridge in Death Stranding are following:

The trouble arises from the fact the game’s UI doesn’t have a clear enough difference between the prompts for just pressing and pressing and holding a button. So a lot of folks approach the terminal, press Options and it opens up the map. Then they try to lay the foundation, but can’t do that either, because there’ already one there.

Where to find structures menu?

If you’ve figured out that you don’t need to use the PCC here, you might have trouble completing the construction that was already started. Probably because you can’t access the structure menu. All you need to do is approach the terminal, press and hold Options, then transfer over the required materials (in this case, a bunch of metals). The fact that both this menu and the menu in which you choose what to build from the PCC are refered to as “structure menu” is a source of a lot of confusion in the early hours of the game.

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