Daymare: 1998 – H.A.D.E.S. 0% Risk Operator Strat (Tactics Guide)

Guide for rookie H.A.D.E.S. operators. Demo Walk through. (Includes combat tactics).

Combat Tactics

So you’re new to H.A.D.E.S. and HQ decided to throw you into the deep end? Typical. But don’t worry rookie read this guide and you’ll get through ok.

First things first, how does an operator deal with the infected? I’ll give you four main methods

Method #1 Light Stun

Provided that there’s enough space aim for the leg, fire and sprint.

Quick, easy and fast.

Method #2 Heavy Stun

Aim for the leg, fire and then close in for a melee attack.

This method is safe, however it’s also slow. Its a good way to deal with a single infected target in your path. But when you’re dealing with mobs of infected this method becomes risky especially with advanced infected in the mix who can use the time to close in.

Method #3 Termination

There’s always going to be situations where you can’t run and or times when you need to backtrack. In these situations termination of infected saves you a lot of grief.

On average it takes three rounds to the head to terminate the regular infected.

Method #4 Tactical Retreat

(No it’s not called running away). If you’ve got the space then use it, stay calm, wait for an opening in the mob and when you see one sprint away.

They can’t kill what they can’t catch.

Cargo Area

Now that you know how to deal with the infected lets talk about about how to be effective in this operation.

Part 1

As soon as you solve the first puzzle the mission truly starts, you’ll be met with your first sighting of the infected. simply aim for the leg and perform a light stun (make sure you stand on the right to prevent the infected from blocking the walkway).

After that pass through the doors heading up to the terminal (there will be a floor spawn on the way, just ignore it).

In the terminal room you’ll find two infected, one in aggro state and the other on the floor waiting to ‘spawn’. Allow the first infected to approach you to get it away from the door as well as the floor spawn then perform a heavy stun.

After restarting the power the security zombie will rise up, when it does just keep walking towards the door, once the door is open turn around and fire one round into his leg, this will give you enough time to make it out of there.

Well done soldier, first part cleared with only three rounds of ammo spent.

Part 2

Daymare: 1998 - H.A.D.E.S. 0% Risk Operator Strat (Tactics Guide)

As you go down the steps to the Cargo area speed is key, there are two infected who can both walk up the stairs and ruin your operation. Clear those stairs before they do.

You’ll have one infected to deal with at the start of the stairs, its a good time to use a heavy stun. Once he’s down just lead the rest of the infected around and herd them until you have a clear path to the corridor.

Remember to pick up the ammo at the left and right of the corridor near the bodies.

At the end of the corridor is the security zombie who can be bypassed with a light stun.

(It should be possible to clear this area with only one round of ammo but that takes up a lot of time).

Lab Area

Daymare: 1998 - H.A.D.E.S. 0% Risk Operator Strat (Tactics Guide)

I’d say that the first areas are much harder than the lab and beyond, in this area you do have to back track, i’m not sure if you can get the infected to de-spawn here so I’d recommend termination.

Ensure that you’ve collected the hollow point rounds from the locked door and have them loaded before the mini-boss.

Boss Fight Strats

Daymare: 1998 - H.A.D.E.S. 0% Risk Operator Strat (Tactics Guide)

Overall this fight feels a bit like G1 the key here is to remain calm and take your time.

Use the nitrogen chambers to gauge whether or not you should run or fire.

  • If boss is in run / sprint cycle and is one chamber away then run.
  • If boss is in walk cycle and is one chamber away then fire.
  • If boss is in run / sprint cycle and is two chambers away then fire.

Maximise your distance to prevent the boss from putting you under too much pressure. I was able to neutralise this target with 25 rounds or so. (1 reg handgun round, 6 hollow point handgun rounds and 18 SMG rounds all head shots). Start off with your handgun, when out of ammo don’t reload just switch weapons.

(Its possible to melee stun the boss but as a H.A.D.E.S. operator any element of risk is unacceptable).

Lab Area Exit (Urinal)

Daymare: 1998 - H.A.D.E.S. 0% Risk Operator Strat (Tactics Guide)

When leaving the lab there’s a zombie that’s determined to stand next to you at the urinal, that’s very risky. you won’t be fast enough to out run it to the lift because of the radio coms. I’d recommend a heavy stun here or it might try to get into the lift with you.

Daymare: 1998 - H.A.D.E.S. 0% Risk Operator Strat (Tactics Guide)

Reception Area

Part 1

Daymare: 1998 - H.A.D.E.S. 0% Risk Operator Strat (Tactics Guide)

Almost there rookie, stay with me. In this area you’ll want to unlock the door via hacking and collect the ammo inside.

There is a lot of backtracking here so its easier just to terminate all of the infected here. In the reception hall when you go up to the stairs on the left there’s a room with a security zombie floor spawn and SMG ammo. I’d bypass this room completely.

After solving the puzzle another floor spawn will rise up. Don’t leave anything to chance, let him come around the right side of the desk then stun him with a leg shot and leave the room in a calm and controlled manner.

Part 2

Daymare: 1998 - H.A.D.E.S. 0% Risk Operator Strat (Tactics Guide)

Proceed with the mission, so you’ve recovered the sample and deleted the data.

Now you’re at point K12 and need info on your extraction point but the security system tripped and you’re stuck with a lot of infected.

They key here is to retreat tactically, just keep running from one side of the room to the other (watch your stamina) until you can get to your extraction point.

Many operators try to engage the infected here but doing so can cause you to get blindsided, keep your eyes open.

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