Darksiders Genesis Chapter List

Darksiders Genesis is broken up into chapters. Each chapter takes place in a unique area. As you advance through each chapter you will arrive in a new area. In total there are chapters to complete to finish the game. To keep track of the chapters and check your progress in the game we’ve put together a complete Darksiders Genesis chapter list below.

WARNING: Spoilers below.

How Many Chapters in Darksiders Genesis?

Image showing The Hoard chapter from Darksiders Genesis.

There are a total of 16 Chapter to complete in Darksiders Genesis to finish the game. These chapters are unlocked in the chronological order you play them in. Old chapters can be replayed to unlock Creature Cores or collectibles. To access old chapters simply use the Serpent Portal in The Void. Here you will have access to every previously beaten chapter in the game.

Note you will need to complete a round in the Arena at a certain point in the storyline, so keep that in mind as you read the list below.

  1. Dethroned.
  2. The Slag Pit.
  3. Inferno Vault.
  4. Icebind Cavern.
  5. The Hoard.
  6. Mammon: Boss fight area for Mammon.
  7. Decay.
  8. The Holdback.
  9. Belial: Boss fight area for Belial.
  10. Eden Prime: Boss fight area for Astarte.
  11. Bastion’s Fall.
  12. The Maelstrom.
  13. Dagon: Boss fight area for Dagon.
  14. The Dredge Works.
  15. War Machine.
  16. Moloch: Boss fight area for Moloch.

Upon defeat of Moloch you complete the game and the credits roll. Once you’ve defeated the final boss of the game you unlock the Apocalyptic difficulty to play through in new game+.

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