Darksiders Genesis Boss List

In Darksiders Genesis you take on the roles of War and Strife as they battle their way through the fiery gates of Hell after Lucifer. While fighting hordes of demons you will encounter tougher enemies in the form of bosses. To help you keep track of the bosses in each chapter of the game, consult our Darksiders Genesis boss list below.


  • Bosses listed below are not majors.
  • Only listed bosses with achievements attached to them.
  • Each boss drops a special Creature Core that is farm-able.
  • Many of the bosses listed below have special quests tied to how you defeat them.


Image showing Mammon the boss in Darksiders Genesis.

Chapter: 6

Location: Mammon.

The first boss you will fight in Darksiders Genesis can be found on hidden away in his vault during Chapter 6. This boss is named the Mammon. Defeating Mammon is required for completing the story of Darksiders Genesis and unlocks the Mammon Trophy/Achievement.


Image showing the boss Belial in Darksiders Genesis.

Chapter: 9

Location: Belial.

The second major named boss you will fight in Darksiders Genesis is Belial. Belial must be defeated to advance the storyline. You unlock the Belial Achievement/Trophy for defeating this boss. 


Image showing Astarte in Darksiders Genesis.

Chapter: 10

Location: Eden Prime.

Immediately after you fight with Belial you will head off to Eden Prime. In Eden Prime you face off against Astarte. This fight utilizes the horse for much of it which is a nice change of pace. You must defeat Astarte to advance the story line. Defeating this boss earns you the Astarte Achievement/Trophy.


Image showing the Dagon boss in Darksiders Genesis.

Chapter: 13

Location: Dagon.

In Eden you find that Dagon is flooding the place. You need to stop him. After a few chapters you will arrive at the Dagon chapter. In this chapter you fight Dagon. Defeat Dagon to advance the storyline and earn the Dagon Achievement/Trophy.


Image showing the final boss of Darksiders Genesis, Moloch.

Chapter: 16

Location: Moloch.

The final chapter in Darksiders Genesis is called Moloch. As the name suggests this final chapter pits you against Moloch. Defeating Moloch here completes the game (one you return to The Void). You also unlock the Moloch Achievement/Trophy for your troubles.

That’s all the major bosses in Darksiders Genesis. As you can see there is a nice collection of demons for you to fight your way through as you complete the main story of the game. What did you think of the bosses in the game? Let me know in the comments below.

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