Cyberpunk 2077 – Remap All Perk Points Guide

How to Remap All Perk Points


To restore and Remap all Spent Perk Points an item named Tabula E-Rasa can be found from: (Any Ripdoc?)

  • Viktor.
  • Cassius Ryder by viewing his inventory.
  • He is located in Watson Northside.
  • It costs 100,000.

Located in Watson Northside

Ripperdoc Cassius Ryder

Whom also you have a side mission to meet for a free mod.

Tabula E-Rasa

Cost: 100,000

You can use this item to:

  • Get any potential achievement you may have missed.
  • Get rid of unnecessary or annoying perks like Dagger Dealer and Scrapper.

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