Crusader Kings II – How to Obtain a From the Ashes Achievement (5 Minutes Method)

I have no idea why this achievement is so rare, I literally got a 1.8% achievement accidentally while I was futzing in the menus.

Guide to Get From the Ashes Achievement

There’s only one section because this takes two seconds

Who doesn’t love laming out trophies? Alright, so first you’re gonna want to start a new game, and choose custom game setup. Click on the green “Shatter world” button at the top (that I personally never use)…

Now scroll through the options, and set Holding Types to “Tribal & Nomadic”…

About four days later, it should be loaded. Now choose one of the nomadic Khagans -doesn’t matter as long as they’re an Empire-tier title- and start the game (on Ironman of course)…

And you don’t even need to play. If you resign now, you’ll get the “From the Ashes” acheivement; that’s how I got it and I wasn’t even going for it.

This is a very familiar screen.

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