Crown Tundra Release Time

The Crown Tundra DLC in Pokemon Sword & Shield is going to launch soon, and people are wondering what time will Crown Tundra be available. Nintendo haven’t specified any exact release time for the DLC, leading to a whole lot of speculation. It’s hard to know who to believe. Well, we’ll try to make some sense of it all in our Crown Tundra Release Time Pokemon Sword & Shield guide.

pokemon sword and shield crown tundra release time
Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra Release Time

Crown Tundra Release Time – What Time will Crown Tundra be Available in Pokemon Sword & Shield

The Crown Tundra Pokemon Sword & Shield DLC release time is 09:00 Pacific Time / noon Eastern Time / 15:00 British Summer Time / 16:00 Central European Time. You can do your math from there, or just use Google to convert to your time zone. We’re basing this on the time that the Nintendo eShop usually updates, as per the support website. Granted, this is conjecture to a degree. Other sources claim that the launch time might be somewhere between October 22nd at 15:00 UTC and October 23rd at 4:00 UTC.

If that wasn’t complicated enough, the Nintendo of Europe Twitter account tweeted a picture of Dragonite saying “Dragonite looks excited for The Crown Tundra this Friday!” So, there seems to be more credence to the game launching on October 23rd, depending on your time zone, of course. If the DLC comes out at the same time everywhere, then the good people of Japan, Australia and New Zealand will have access to it a day earlier, as it were. It’s all a bit messy, unfortunately. We’ll be sure to let you know about the exact Crown Tundra Release Time as soon as we know more.

Until then, that’s all we’ve got. Stay tuned to GosuNoob in the coming hours and days for further coverage of the upcoming Pokemon Sword & Shield DLC. We’ll be releasing more guides and other stuff when it does release.

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