Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy – Making the Last Jump in Slippery Climb Bonus Stage (Crash Bandicoot 1)

In the bonus stage of Slippery Climb, the last jump is extremely hard to get. If you’re having trouble with it, here’s a way to make it much easier.

How to Make the Last Jump

The Full Explanation

To get the red gem, you need to beat Slippery Climb without losing a single life (after the first checkpoint) and break all boxes on the level. That means in the bonus stage, too. But if you manage to reach it without dying, you may find that even after dozens of attempts you just can’t make that final jump. And the worst part is, even if you miraculously manage to make it, there’s still a part of the level ahead that you still need to beat… And if you die there, you’ll have to start over the whole thing, including the bonus stage!

This last jump is so tricky mainly because the TNT box is lower than the other two, which gives you much less space for maneuvering your high jump; and you only have three seconds to get it exactly right and jump over to the solid ground, until the TNT blows you up. There’s a trick here though: you don’t actually have to do the exactly-right maneuver!

Here’s What You Do

Once you hit the TNT box, it starts the countdown, after which it blows up. Since the only block under it is the jump box, and the short distance between them forces you to quickly bounce between them, you’re pretty much guaranteed to be airborne at the moment of explosion, which means it kills you too. But if you hold the jump button, the bouncing gets slightly faster… which affects your position at the moment of explosion.

Thus, what you have to do after hitting the last TNT box, is hold the jump button for duration of 3 jumps (not sure if other numbers of jumps will work but this one does), then release and wait for explosion. It will barely miss you, removing the TNT box without killing you. After that, you’ll be free to make the last jump without any obstacles or time limits.


  • Hit the last TNT box.
  • Hold the jump button for duration of 3 jumps.
  • Release and wait for explosion.

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