Craft Legend – Supermoon Guide

Supermoon Guide

There are 2 ways a Supermoon Invasion can occur. There’s a chance to randomly trigger a Supermoon when night falls (has a minimal level requirement). Alternatively, players can use trigger items to “summon” the Supermoon the following night.

Craft Legend - Supermoon Guide
Craft Legend - Supermoon Guide

There are 3 difficulty levels, and they can be triggered by using [Draconic Jade], [Cursed Draconic Jade], or [Vile Draconic Jade], in order of difficulty. These items can be purchased from the Mall or obtained from certain bosses.

If the Supermoon occurs naturally, difficulty will be based on the player’s level. Level 13-24 triggers Easy, 25-39 triggers Normal, and above 40 triggers Hard.

A Supermoon Invasion ends immediately upon daybreak. Monsters that have yet to spawn will not be able to spawn (this includes the Boss), and players will miss out on fantastic rewards. You are advised to be well prepared for the Invasion.

The Supermoon drops exclusive items and Gear.

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