Conqueror's Blade – Triggered's Guide to Rebel Camps

You want most of your party to bring at least one form of shield wall(spear units, not pike). There are a lot of ways to do rebel camps, we will be covering the one i have found most accessible to all players. If you stand in a non-supply capture point, it will trigger the next phase. Pretty much DO NOT stand on this point until your melee are in place and ready, or you and your team will take unnecessary kit damage. All rebel camps have the same layout, the only difference is the tier of mob, and amount of mobs.

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Taking Point A

Start with two shield walls and at least one archer.

Conqueror's Blade - Triggered's Guide to Rebel Camps

As you spawn and walk across the small stream, there will be two points raised above you (Green). Both of these have a chance at spawning archers, use arrow rain or attack area from your own archers to kill the archers on the left.

Once the archers on the left are dead you can progress towards A (Black).

Conqueror's Blade - Triggered's Guide to Rebel Camps

The second set of archers can be dealt with by warlords with ease.

Leave a shield wall at the end of the opening (Black) to protect your ranged behind it, This will ensure your ranged survive the wave that comes. While this is happening deal with the units on A with out stepping on the point (Use archers for annoying ones that refuse to leave the point).

Now to set up to cap A is simple:

Conqueror's Blade - Triggered's Guide to Rebel Camps

  • Put a shield wall on each side Green and Black.
  • Be aware on the black side, they can slip along that second path behind your wall.
  • On the green side, it may spawn an AI warlord so be aware.
  • When your walls are ready. Stand on the point and mow some baddies down.

Congratulations, you have taken A. 

Taking Point C

One of your shield walls can be swapped for a different unit until the push on the final point if you wish.

You should ignore B as you don’t need the additional time it provides for the possible kit loss it could inflict on your team (You can pick this point up if something catastrophic happens and you need the additional 3 minutes). 

On your way from A to C there may be an AI warlord spawn, if so, drag him around the corner away from his forces and deal with him there. This will reduce any unwanted kit damage.

When the way is clear of hostile warlords, Set your shield wall up in the opening and let your ranged/Warlords go to work.

Be aware, there are periodic waves of units coming from the final point toward C until it is capped.

So as soon as you have cleared the units place your shield wall just off the point towards the last cap (not too far or the hwachas will kill your unit).

Send some warlords to kill the two hwachas before you cap C, as soon as these are down start capping.

Congratulations you have point C.

Taking the Final Point

You will want two shield walls for this phase.

This last point is pretty easy in regards to tactics.

Slowly push up to the point dealing with the hostile units, be aware periodically additional units will spawn.

Once the hostile units are cleared, set up your shield walls and get ready.

Conqueror's Blade - Triggered's Guide to Rebel Camps

Both of these entrances need to be blocked.

Once the shield walls are in place start capping. Warlords can spawn and should be kept busy, so they don’t maul your shield walls.

Congratulations i’m proud of you for completing your Rebel camp!

Never forget, Triggered is recruiting!

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