There are four different maps inside Black Ops Cold War Zombies Outbreak that contain the DIE Shockwave upgrade Easter Egg. In this guide, we’ll break down each of the locations for you so that you can find the Ice, Electrobolt, Nova 5, and Thermophasic upgrades on your own. Here is our guide on how to upgrade DIE Shockwave in Outbreak, including a map for all four locations.

First, you’ll need to acquire the DIE before you can proceed with the upgrades.

How to Upgrade DIE Shockwave in Outbreak (All Locations)

Here are all four DIE Shockwave upgrade locations in Cold War Zombies Outbreak:

  • Alpine (Cryo-Emitter)
  • Duga (Electrobolt)
  • Golova (Nova 5)
  • Ruka (Thermophasic)

Alpine (Cryo-Emitter)

Cold War Zombies Outbreak: DIE Shockwave Upgrade Locations - Cryo-Emitter

The Ice, or Cryo-Emitter, upgrade for the DIE Shockwave is appropriately found on the Alpine map. There are three frozen ponds in total, but the Ice upgrade is found on the small frozen pond to the south of the map in a crate. Walk over to it and open up the chest to get it.

Duga (Electrobolt)

Cold War Zombies Outbreak: DIE Shockwave Upgrade Locations - Electrobolt

The Electrobolt is located on the map Duga. Head over to the giant radar or array tower on the map, and run to the end near the Pack-A-Punch machine. You’ll find the Electrobolt in a crate to the side. Many players consider the Electrobolt to be the best of the DIE Shockwave upgrades.

Golova (Nova 5)

The Nova 5 upgrade for the DIE Shockwave is on the Golova map. You’ll find it near the train loading dock on the west side of the map on top of the pipes. The Nova 5 upgrade is possibly the worst DIE Shockwave upgrade out of the bunch, in our opinion.

Ruka (Thermophasic)

The fire, or Thermophasic, upgrade for the DIE Shockwave is found on the Ruka map in the burnt forest. You can find it far down on the southeast portion of the map, right on the border. Refer to the image for the exact location.