CoD Warzone Lobby Won’t Fill, People Leaving & Match Can’t Start

CoD Warzone lobbies aren’t working well at the moment. A lot of players are reporting being unable to start a match because the lobbies won’t fill and people just keep leaving. The game doesn’t start until all 150 people are present and accounted for, and in a lot of cases, this magic number always seems just out of reach. This guide will explain the entire situation, so if you too have the issue where CoD Warzone lobby won’t fill, people are leaving & matches can’t start, do keep reading.

cod warzone lobby won't fill people leaving match can't start
CoD Warzone Lobby Won’t Fill, People Leaving & Match Can’t Start

CoD Warzone looking for 1 more player to join – stuck in lobby bug

There’s no telling what exactly is the root of the problem here, but it goes like this: the lobby gets almost full, but someone gets sick of waiting and they disconnect, thinking they’ll have more luck with another lobby. The entire server now has to wait for someone to take the place of the recently departed player, and in the meantime, more people get sick of waiting and decided to disconnect. Some lobbies die out slowly this way, others get back on their feet and let their inhabitants into the game eventually.

It’s as much an issue of matchmaking, because the game doesn’t want to start with a lobby that’s not filled to the brim, as it is of human impatience. We can just hope the developers will soon realize there’s no cure for impatience, so they can update the game and lower the limit to around a hundred.

There’s nothing you, as a player, can do about it. Things will no doubt improve when the early access period is over, and even more players swarm the game using the free, standalone version of COD Warzone. Stay strong and maybe give it a day or two.

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