The Season 3 battle pass for COD Mobile has finally been released, and not a moment too soon. The Japanese-inspired theme that S3 is going for has me particularly excited, a feeling that’s been amplified by all the goodies we’re getting access to in the coming weeks. Here’s a look at the COD Mobile Season 3 Tokyo Escape Battle Pass tiers and rewards.

What’s in the COD Mobile Season 3 Battle Pass

For players who aren’t purchasing the premium battle pass, you don’t get nearly as much as those that open their wallets. That’s nothing new, though. 

The most notable free unlock is the PP19 Bizon. I’ve never been a PP Bizon user myself, but some old MW3 fans are excited to see the SMG make a comeback. 

That’s the only news we have on what the free pass gets, but there’s a lot more to get into with the premium version, so let’s dive into that. 

Character Skins

First things first, let’s talk about all the new epic characters we’re getting. There are four different designs on the pass:

  • Takeo.
  • Specter.
  • Zero.
  • Hidora.

Each one of these skins takes inspiration from different sources, which means there’s plenty of variety. 

I’m a particular fan of the oni-inspired Takeo, but there’s definitely something here for everyone provided you share my love of Eastern art and mythology. 

Epic Weapons

I never really get excited for the weapons that come in the battle pass. I’m not a fan of using variants, preferring tried and trusted loadouts that I’ve developed over time. 

That being said, there are some seriously impressive-looking options coming in Season 3:

  • Type 25: Oni.
  • XQR: Scorching Sun.
  • PP19: Yokai. 
  • RUS-79U: Karuta. 
  • ASM10: Scabbard. 

Each one of these weapon models looks incredible, although it’s a shame that the PP19 variant is locked behind a paywall. 

Epic Accessories

Last but not least, we’ve been given a look at four epic in-game accessories:

  • Backpack: Kendo. 
  • Emote: Way of the Sword. 
  • Frame: Samurai. 
  • Avatar: The Boss. 

Each of these is exactly what you would expect it to be, and that’s a great thing.