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Pobelter pulls off an amazing play to bring CLG to victory over Team Liquid in the final match of Week 7 Day 1 at the LCS 2020 Spring event. The formerly teamless Pobelter found a home at CLG last month and they are certainly glad to have him on board.

CLG started the game with some aggressive plays and managed to pick up an early lead by going in on Tactical. After that, the game slowed down and CLG took down three dragons and 2 Barons but was reluctant to force a fight against Liquid.

Pobelter managed to pull off a sneaky TP flank that resulted in a triple kill to seal Liquid’s fate. The official LCS Twitter highlighted his play here:

This was a crushing blow for Liquid but we’ll have to wait and see if they can rebound on Monday against Immortals.

Team Liquid vs. CLG LCS 2020 Spring Week 7 Stats

TL 8-14-24 vs 14-8-36 CLG
Impact ornn 0-2-5 TOP 1-1-10 janna Ruin
Broxah lee sin 1-4-5 JNG 1-2-8 trundle Wiggily
Jensen viktor 3-1-2 MID 11-1-0 syndra Pobelter
Tactical miss fortune 4-4-4 BOT 0-3-11 aphelios Wind
CoreJJ braum 0-3-8 SUP 1-1-7 thresh Smoothie

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