Chronos Before the Ashes Mirror Codes

In the first world of Chronos Before the Ashes players will encounter a mirror they can use to teleport to different locations. Some of these locations must be reached to advance the story while others are simply secrets. To help you find and access the different areas we’ve put together a complete guide to the Chronos Before the Ashes mirror codes below.

Library Bookshelf Mirror Code

On the first world of Chronos Before the Ashes you will encounter a library that has a locked shelf. On this locked shelf you will see a key you need to get. To get this key you need to use the mirror to teleport to the bookshelf. This allows you to reach the Master Key so you can push it off the shelf to grab later. To reach the library bookshelf you need to input the code shown in the screenshot above. This portal will shrink you down and take you inside the bookshelf.

Krell Guardian Boss Arena Mirror Code

Image showing the Krell Guardian mirror code.

The first major boss you will encounter is the Krell Guardian (Cyclops). This boss will kill you in one attack if you attempt to take it on when you are normal sized. To defeat this boss you need to attack it as an upsized version of yourself. To do this you need to access the boss arena through the mirror on the fair end of it. Input the code shown above to access the boss arena. This will trigger the boss fight against the Krell Guardian.

Ward 16 Mirror Code

Image showing the Ward 16 Mirror Code.

The hub area you start the game and revisit is Ward 16. In this area if you head down the elevator you will reach an observation room that looks into another room. In this room there is a mirror. The code for this mirror is highlighted in the screenshot above. Use it to visit Ward 16 by way of the Mirror. This is completely optional, but it does unlock an achievement called Mirror, Mirror.

These three mirror codes are all the codes in the game. The first two codes have to be used for you to advance the main story. The last code is purely optional and can be used to unlock an achievement in the game.

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