Chronos Before the Ashes: How to Get the Painting Piece

In the second half of the first world in Chronos Before the Ashes you will need to find a painting piece to create a portal to the second world. This painting piece is hidden away and requires you to complete a specific puzzle to unlock. This process is a bit convoluted to complete so we’ve put together a guide to help. Learn how to get the Painting Piece below.

Solve the Statue Puzzle

Image showing how to solve the statue puzzle.

Once you’ve reached the dining area after opening the door with the Master Key you head through the door on the right of the stairs (when facing them). Take a right at the end of the path and follow it so you reach outside of the building. In this exterior location fight the three enemies then look at the statue on the left. Take a screenshot (or write down) what it looks like. Note the following:

  • Ears/Earrings.
  • Mask.
  • Shoulder Armor style.

After you’ve found this information about the statue head back to the way you came so you are back in the dining room. Go through the door on the right side of the room and head into the basement.

Basement Machine Puzzle Solution

Image showing the Basement Machine Puzzle Solution.

Make your way through the basement so you reach the machine pictured above. To solve the statue puzzle you need to use this mission to get a special blade. To solve this mission puzzle simply rotate the three symbols so they recreate the statue. This means ear/earrings, mask, and shoulder armor match. When solved correctly the machine will give you the Decorative Blade.

Take the Decorative Blade and head all the way back to the statue. Interact with the statue and place the blade on the weapon holder. When you do this stairs will appear behind you leading to a lower portion of the area. Go down them and be ready for a boss fight.

Defeat the Stone Golem

Image showing the Stone Golem boss fight in Chronos Before the Ashes.

When you head down the stairs you will reach a sort of underground area. In this underground area you will encounter a boss called the Stone Golem. Defeat the Stone Golem to get the Golem Eye item (can be turned into the Blacksmith for a weapon).

Defeat the Wizard

Climb the ladder leading out of the Stone Golem boss arena and continue onward into the next room. Here you will need to defeat four enemies including a wizard. Defeat them all and grab the Ripped Painting Piece from off the bench next to the statue.

Where to Place the Ripped Painting Piece

Image showing Where to Place the Ripped Painting Piece.

Once you have the Ripped Painting Piece you need to find the painting to put it back in. This painting can be found by leaving the outdoor area and heading down the hallway into the kitchen. Head through the kitchen and open the door with the Master Key. This door leads outside to a cliffside pathway. Follow the pathway down to reach the painting. Place the Ripped Painting Piece inside to open a portal to world two.

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