Change Name in Fall Guys

Changing your name in Fall Guys is something that people have been clamoring about lately. Specifically, they’re wondering why you can’t change your Fall Guys name and use your Steam custom name. Ever since the last big patch, everyone seems to be stuck with a generic name, instead of what they used before. So, in our Change Name in Fall Guys guide, we’re going to explain what’s going on.

change name in fall guys
Change Name in Fall Guys

How to Change Name in Fall Guys

You cannot change your name in Fall Guys; at least, you can’t at the time of writing. After the latest major patch a couple of days ago, the developers have disabled the option to have your own custom name. Instead, everybody is currently stuck with the auto-generated name, aka Fall Guy followed by a four-digit number. You can see what I mean in our screenshot above, in the upper left corner. So, the question is, why did the developers do this?

Well, apparently, it’s because people have been misusing the system. Specifically, they’ve been using special characters to break the UI. And, of course, there were a bunch of players using curse words as names, because of course they were. So, to combat this, the developers have put the kibosh on custom names. Once again, we can’t have nice things due to a few that are messing it up for everyone.

Fortunately, this seems to be just a temporary solution. The developers are apparently working on fixing these problems, so you can expect custom names to make a return at some point. Heck, they might already be back by the time you read this. Until then, however, you’re just going to have to be patient for a bit. There’s nothing wrong with being Fall Guy 7777 for a while; it doesn’t change the game in any meaningful way.

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