Cell to Singularity – Evolution Never Ends – Mesozoic Valley Guide

Tips and tricks to get ranks and prestige faster.

Tips and Tricks to Mesozoic Valley


This guide is for people who have reached the valley of the dinosaurs and are having a hard time getting through it, it will not address any other part of the game. It contains things I’ve noticed during my plays. So, you’ve reached the Mesozoic valley and don’t know how people got a high prestige level? Read on, this will probably help you.

Geodes and Darwinium

The best way to spend your Darwinium is buying the diamond geode.

Try to only do this at rank 50 as this will offer the maximum number of trait cards. If you’re on your first few prestige levels it will probably help you if you get it sooner, I still wouldn’t recommend it under lvl 35. Here’s an example of how many cards you get at rank 25 and 50.

Until rank 7 you don’t even get epics from the diamond geode, just rares, so avoid buying geodes at low ranks.This is important as diamond geode is your best way of getting epic and rare trait cards. You do get some by ranking up and opening regular geodes but only enough to get you nowhere fast.

Ranking Up

Now… about progressing, 1st advice is don’t buy traits for every dino, that would just be a waste of mutagen. Try to buy both speedup and payout trait for one dino, then skip 2 then buy speedup and payout for the next one. By the time you get to prestige 5 and above you should have mutagen leftovers every run.

While it’s not easy buying the traits like that, there’s a trick to it. Aside the mystery trait that costs 2 darwinium, you can buy 2 traits for mutagen, these refresh every 30 minutes or everytime you buy one. Now… when you reach a rank that unlocks a payout trait for a certain dino you can usually buy both of that dino’s traits(as long as you still need cards to upgrade that trait) with mutagen (they will show up in shop if the previous Dino’s traits are not missing cards).

I’ve linked an example for eoraptor so it’s easier to grasp.

Up until Cynodont still needed cards i had to buy those, after that it alternates between Eoraptor traits, and you can continuously buy and upgrade until you reach the level you desire.

Please note that this does not work 100% of times for each dinosaur. I haven’t figured out why it doesn’t work certain times but it just doesn’t, when that happens just move on to the next dinosaur, and the next.

Even not being 100% efficient, IMO this is the best way to rank up, not get stuck and save mutagen.

Minor Tips and Tricks

Maybe you know this maybe you don’t but…

Every rank you complete in the mesozoic valley gets you an extra 2% speed bonus in the main simulation.

Another minor thing is the screenshot quest. If you don’t know the location of every dino to take it’s picture, when you see the quest appear, choose it first before any others then click the right arrow once and the game will highlight that dino for you to ss. If you choose other quests before that it will no longer work. Here are a few examples:

As you can see in the last example only clicking right works.

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