Temtem Roadmap Revealed

Temtem caught the world by storm with their new creature-collecting game. Since it’s release on January 21, 2020, nearly half a million copies were sold. Today, Crema revealed their upcoming … Read more

Temtem Anahir Overview

Anahir is a Crystal & Fire type Temtem. His official description in the game reads, “This tortured creature is the result of Dr. Hamijo’s attempts at creating a new “Diamond” … Read more

Temtem Item List

Temtem is the new Pokemon inspired game from developer Crema Games. It is a massively multiplayer online creature collection game that was released into open beta earlier this month. Since … Read more

Temtem Tier List

Temtem is the hit new massively multiplayer online creature collection game from CremaGames. There’s 81 different Temtem currently in the game, so you might find this Temtem tier list useful. … Read more

How to Earn Money in Temtem

Making money in Temtem is no easy feat. Pansuns, as the in-game currency is called, are hard to come by, and you’ll constantly need to spend them – on TemCards, … Read more

How to Capture Water Temtem

Water Temtems in Temtem are monsters that live in the water, and that require a specific item in order to be captured. You might be seeing some Water Temtems even … Read more

Surfboard Location in Temtem

Temtem surfboard is a special item that you have to acquire in order to travel on water. Since you need the surfboard to complete some very early side quests in … Read more