Underlords Knight Dragon Mage Build

Underlords Knight Dragon Mage build is one of the most balanced and durable team compositions currently in the game. Knights are one of the best alliances, as always, and Dragon … Read more

Underlords Savage Hunter Build

Due to the recent patch, the Underlords Savage Hunter build has become stronger than ever. Utilizing the summons to increase the overall DPS makes for some serious damage. By using … Read more

TFT Yordle Build (9.14)

TFT Yordle build is a strong team composition utilizing the Yordle evasion buff that makes you difficult to kill. This build is very strong against auto attack based comps like … Read more

Underlords Mages Knights Dragons Build

The Underlords mages, knights, dragons build is by far the most powerful burst damage output build in Underlords. These units have good synergy together to not only output massive burst … Read more

TFT Demons Dragons Build (9.14)

TFT Demons Dragons build is a strong build that relies on the huge health pool of shapeshifters combined with the demons mana burn. Shyvana will be the main carry in … Read more

Underlords Troll Knight Build

The Underlords Troll Knight build has proven to be a strong build in every patch. Knights are hands down the best defensive units in the game due to their alliance … Read more

Underlords Troll Warlock Build

The Underlords Troll Warlock build is very strong due to the most recent patch which changed up the Warlock alliance. Under the new alliance, when a Warlock casts a spell … Read more