Everyone wants their own pet dragon. Don’t even pretend like you don’t, you’re just lying to yourself. Dragons are awesome, especially Minecraft’s Ender Dragon. They’re so awesome, I bet you’re wondering “can I hatch my own Ender Dragon Egg in Minecraft?”

Can You Hatch an Ender Dragon Egg in Minecraft?

The short answer is no. No, you cannot hatch your very own Ender Dragon, at least not in vanilla Minecraft. See, when you defeat the Ender Dragon in The End, the End Portal that spawns from its body features a black lump on top of it. This is an Ender Dragon Egg, but unfortunately, the egg is more of a trophy than anything else, and even just getting it is a fun little chore in itself.

If you attempt to mine, attack, or just otherwise click on the egg, it’ll immediately teleport somewhere else in a 5×15 block radius. If you want to obtain the egg for yourself, presumably to use as a fancy paperweight, all you need is a piston. Simply place some blocks over the End Portal so nothing falls into it, place the piston block adjacent to the egg, and activate it with a lever, a button, or some redstone. When the egg is pushed by a piston, it’ll instantly break into an obtainable item. Just don’t put it down again until it’s somewhere you intend to leave it long-term, or else you’ll need to do this again.

While the egg is effectively useless at the moment (if there are official plans to change this, I haven’t heard), Minecraft’s modding community has stepped up to make it a little more interesting. By installing mods, you can not only hatch the egg to get your very own baby Ender Dragon, but do all sorts of cool things with it. One of the most popular mods of this particular variation is the Dragon Mounts mod, which allows to hatch and raise multiple kinds of elemental Ender Dragons and, when they mature, fly them around the world. Hopefully, the vanilla game will get something that cool someday.