EA has introduced us to a variety of exciting new avenues to explore the evolving world of FIFA. One of the biggest additions to the game is FIFA Ultimate Teams’ Co-Op mode. For those who are invested in FIFA Ultimate Team, this has been a request for a while now. The best part is that for those looking to take advantage of the two-player mode in Ultimate Team, there will be objectives to complete to further the experience. 

Can You Do Objectives in Co-Op FIFA 21

FIFA 21 has introduced the idea of Weekly Objectives in the Ultimate Team mode, where, upon completing each objective, you will receive new rewards. The objectives allow players to progress towards rewards that are built to enhance the overall FIFA 21 experience. The Co-Op mode has been met with massive recognition, and earning rewards through the weekly objectives is the best way to put your team into immediate contention. 

In-Squad Battles, and Rivals (based on the result of the game), allow each participant to earn their weekly score and coins for the match using the regular in-game calculations. In Co-Op Friendlies, rewards work the same as Friendlies in solo mode. The Co-Op objectives will offer a variety of challenges, such as squad management goals, dynamic in-match challenges, and other Ultimate Team challenges. 

The more difficult the challenge, the more you will receive. Complete all of the challenges for each group in order to gain additional rewards, unlocking the advanced group in the process. Even if you miss one week’s objective, it will remain active for the second week. New FIFA 21 Weekly Objectives release every Friday. 

It’s safe to say that FIFA 21’s Ultimate Team has reinvented the game, adding in much-needed Co-Op objectives to create a more engaging in-game experience. You can pick up a controller with a buddy today and argue over who let that last shot in on goal, all while collecting rewards through completing weekly objectives!