Surskit is just one of those inherently lovable Pokémon, isn’t it? It’s strange, because real-life water-strider bugs aren’t exactly what I would call “cute,” but all you have to do is slap a couple of big eyes and a little pointy hat on it, and suddenly it’s adorable. Anything can be made cute with anime eyes, scientific fact. But if you have high standards for your cute Pokémon, then the only course of action is to find a shiny variation. Can Surskit be shiny in Pokémon GO, though?

Last week, on March 23rd, there was a Spotlight Hour in Pokémon GO featuring notably boosted spawn rates specifically for Surskit. Spotlight Hours are usually a great time for hunting shiny Pokémon, as their boosted spawn rates make it easier to chain catches and increase your odds. If you were attempting to farm Surskits on 23rd in search of a shiny version, though, you most likely ended the event disappointed. However, this isn’t because of your bad luck, it’s because shiny Surskit hasn’t been implemented into the game yet.

Can Surskit be Shiny in Pokémon GO?

Yes, no matter how many Surskits you caught or how much incense you deployed, they simply cannot be shiny, at least not yet. If there’s a hard-and-fast schedule Niantic uses to determine when shiny versions of particular Pokémon are added to the game, I sure as heck ain’t privy to it. For the time being, your next best option is to put a battle plan together for whenever shiny Surskit properly comes into existence.

Since Surskit is a Bug/Water type, Surskit is most likely to appear in the wild in large, grassy areas like public parks and hiking trails, as well as large bodies of water like lakes, ponds, and the ocean. If your local park happens to have a big pond, that’d be the best place to look, especially if it happens to be raining. Beyond that, all you can do right now is play the waiting game.