If there’s two things I love, it’s cute cats and thieves. According to Purrloin’s PokéDex entries, that’s its entire shtick! It swipes things from people, then acts cute until they let it off the hook. Quality thievery is Purrloin’s middle name! Literally, take out an “r,” and it’s just “purloin,” or to steal something. If you love sneaky cats as well, you’d probably like to get your hands on a shiny Purrloin. But can Purrloin be shiny in Pokémon GO?

Last April, Purrloin got to headline one of Pokémon GO’s Spotlight Hours. Many players held out hope that it was during this Spotlight Hour that Purrloin’s shiny variant, with its dark purple eyes, would be added to the game for everyone to go searching for. Sadly, despite being in the spotlight, it wasn’t a shiny spotlight. Purrloin’s shiny variant wasn’t added to the game then, and as of writing, it still hasn’t been. 

Can Purrloin be Shiny in Pokémon GO? 

I suppose it’s just as well that shiny Purrloin isn’t in the game yet, though, because Pokémon GO players have had a somewhat difficult time nailing down precisely where Dark types like Purrloin are supposed to spawn. The prevailing theory is that they come out more frequently at night, as well as near obviously dark places like movie theaters, cemeteries, and parking lots, though this has been a hot subject of discussion and hasn’t been overtly confirmed one way or the other.

If you ever do find a surefire spot to look for Dark types, well, first of all, you should probably share it online, because people want to know. Secondly, though, in the event Purrloin, or its evolution Liepard, ever become the subject of a raid, you can counter them with a powerful Fighting type like Lucario, Conkeldurr, or Machamp. No, I don’t know why Dark types are weak to Fighting types, they just are.