Image via Riot Games

With their current roster, Fnatic has managed to secure a mediocre 5th place finish during the LEC 2021 Spring Playoffs. Fnatic is one of the two ‘kings’ of the LEC that have consistently finished in the top 2 for the past few years alongside G2 Esports. Falling from grace is not an easy path, less so when the heart of your roster actively doubts their future with the organization.

According to Esportmaniacos, Bwipo and Selfmade have declined to extend their contracts with Fnatic. Selfmade is a new-ish addition, taking over after Broxah left for the LCS. Bwipo is a larger deal – he has built up a sizable fanbase and is one of the remaining faces of Fnatic alongside Hylissang. Both are steady veterans that can propel teams forward and, on their best days, can outperform the best international competitors.  

Upset also threw in his two cents – he says that it makes less and less sense to not play for a North American organization. Because esports careers are short (more so for LoL), making as much money as possible during your prime is not an uncommon factor in determining where to play. It is well known that China pays its star players very well, even offering Faker a blank check to join the LPL’s competition. North America has the money but none of the success, but where a pro plays depends on the player’s endgame goal.

Here’s Upset’s opinion on NA: