Borderlands 3: Regaining One’s Feet Guide – How to Get the All-in Shield

Borderlands 3 got its first piece of story DLC and with it comes a number of new side quests for players to complete. One side quest you will find inside The Handsome Jackpot is called Regaining One’s Feet. To help you complete this side-quest use the Regaining One’s Feet guide below.

Start Quest by Speaking to All-In Allan

Image showing the NPC All-In Allan and the Regaining One's Feet side quest start.

Inside The Handsome Jackpot casino you will encounter an area called The Chump Slots. In this area on the west side you will find an NPC called All-In Allan (is marked on your map). To reach this NPC drop to the floor below then use the stairs on the west-side of the room to reach him. Speak to All-In Allan to start the Regaining One’s Feet side quest.

How to Reach Bruce the Deuce

Image showing where to find Bruce the Deuce in Borderlands 3.

Once you’ve spoken with Allan he will tell you to reach an enemy called Bruce the Deuce. Bruce can be found on the floor below where Allan is playing slots in the southeast corner. When you reach the quest marker you will find Bruce who is stuck between two slot machines. Bruce is dead so you need to pick up his Lucky Horseshoe Trinket (charm). When you do this you will get the next objective.

Where to Find Two Good Luck Charms

Image showing where to find the two good luck charms in Borderlands 3.

The next objective is to find two Good Luck charms in The Chump Slots area. These two charms are marked on your map when the objective is triggered and are fairly easy to find. The two charms are: Silver Skag Figurine and the Lucky Hat. More exact locations of these two items can be found below.

Silver Skag Figurine Location

The Silver Skag Figurine can be found on the lower floor in the northwest corner of the room. It is on a table next to a dead bandit. Pick it up to collect 1/2 good luck charms.

Lucky Hat Location

The Lucky Hat can be found on the upper flower along the east side of the room. It is sitting on the floor next to a dead bandit that is wearing a claptrap mask. Pick it up to collect 1/2 good luck charms.

Return the Charms to Allan

After you’ve collected both luck charms listed above you will receive the objective to return the charms to Allan. Make your way back to the gambling fiend and speak with him. Take the money he offers then decorate him with the three charms you picked up. Stand back and watch the luck (or lack of). Upon completing these objectives you will meet Golden Bullion. This triggers another objective.

Reach Golden Bullion & Defeat Him

Image showing the Golden Bullion enemy in Borderlands 3.

Note: there is a VIP door you can open with cash in the Bullion’s Cube area that leads to a Red Chest.

When Allan and Golden Bullion finish their exchange you will be prompted to reach Golden Bullion. Golden Bullion can be found in the aptly named Bullion’s Cube which is accessible via the upstairs door on the eastside of The Chump Slots.

As you enter this area you will trigger a conversation between Allan and the Golden Bullion. After this conversation you will need to defeat Golden Bullion and his gang. Do this and then pickup the Lucky Foot Golden Bullion drops upon his death. Once you’ve done this make your way back to Allan.

Give Allan Lucky Foot & Get the All-in Epic Shield

Image showing the All-in Epic Shield in Borderlands 3.

The final step in this quest is to return to Allan and give him the Lucky Foot. Once you’ve done this stand back and watch as he hits the jackpot on the machine. Collect the cash that drops then the quest-line will end and you will receive the All-in Epic Shield.

That’s everything you need to know to complete the Regaining One’s Feet sidequest in Borderlands 3. What did you think of this quest? Let me know in the comments below.

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