Boneworks – How to Unlock Ford in Sandbox Mode

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A step by step guide on how to unlock the NPC named Ford for sandbox mode…

Finding the Ford Ball

To unlock ford you must drop a Ford ball into a reclaim bin. To do this you must:

  1. Go to Dungeon
  2. Play trough the level
  3. Parkour!

Above the end portal is a ledge that has a skull box on top of it. There is a Ford ball in it. Getting up there can be difficult.

First, you must get on top of the last railcars(?) railing. Its a little tricky, but you can manage. After, climb on top of the semi flat rocks shown in the picture.

After you’ve climbed the rocks just break the box and grab the item inside.

Getting to the Reclaim Bin

Thankfully, getting to the reclaim bin is much easier than getting the Ford ball. First drag a table into the spawn cell. Be careful not to break it.

Now, on top of the table and look up. There is a well full of iron bars. Jump and grab onto one, then glimb up.

At the top of the well you will find a reclamation bin. Congratulations.

After you’ve thrown your aquired items in the bin. just finish the level and you’re done.

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