Boneworks – How to Murder an Omniprojector without Weapons

In this guide, I will teach you how to absolutely destroy an omniprojector without the use of weapons.

Murder an Omniprojector Guide

Before You Begin

This method is not recommended if there are multiple omniprojectors around you. Even if there is only one omniprojector, this could still be hard to do. Excercise caution when using this method.

Step 1

Get close to the omniprojector. This may be hard to do, but it is the only way this method will work. I’d recommend finding an object that you can carry to shield you while you approach the omniprojector.

Step 2

Grab the omniprojector’s gun (Pictured in thumbnail) and aim it at the omniprojector. Remember to aim the gun at the floating pieces of the omniprojector or the ball the omniprojector rolls around on, because hitting the orange hologram won’t do anything. The omniprojector will try to shoot you, but it will end up shooting itself instead.

Step 3

Keep the gun in position until the omniprojector is dead. Sadly, you cannot use the gun once the omniprojector is dead.

End of guide

If all goes as planned, you should have one less omniprojector to worry about.

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