Black Squad – How to No-Scope

This in depth guide will teach you how to no scope in Black Squad.

Guide to No-Scope for Beginners

No Scope Tutorial

After seeing a lot of people being unfamiliar with no-scoping I decided to make this guide.

First off no-scoping is not a bug in this game, since it’s using the mechanics implemented in the game as intended by the developers.

Secondly, I forgot to mention in the video that every account has it’s own unique recoil pattern for every individual kind of gun. So getting a small grouping of shots can be considered very lucky!


Can you get banned for no-scoping?

You might, but shouldn’t be. Since no-scoping is completely legit. Except if you start to use third party software to no-scope.

What weapon is best for no-scoping?

I prefer to use the M107A1 cause wherever you hit on the body, it’s a guaranteed one shot. Also you can one shot with wallbangs.

Why is my pattern different?

As stated above, every account has it’s own unique pattern for every individual kind of gun.

What can I do with no-scoping?

You have an edge above your enemies by being able to shoot whilst mid-air or whilst moving this coupled with there being no need to wait for zooming, makes it one of the best ways to play when mastered.

Where can I practice no-scoping?

It’s important to know that no-scoping doesn’t work in practice channel, since you have a different pattern there. The best mode to practice no-scoping in is bot tdm. Go and kill some bots with no-scopes, die by them, and then kill them again!

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