Ho-Oh is now appearing in raids as of Friday, January 1, in Pokemon GO. You’ll have increased odds of seeing one until Tuesday, January 5. So, if you want to try your luck at encountering a shiny, now is your time to do it. Since lots of trainers will be collecting some Ho-Oh, it’s an excellent time to go over some of the stats, counters, weaknesses, and most important, movesets. Here’s a look at the best moveset for Ho-Oh in Pokemon GO.

Ho-Oh is a Fire and Flying-type Pokemon, with a Max CP of 4367. Some vulnerabilities to watch out for are a double weakness to Rock and a single weakness to Water and Electric. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Ho-Oh is double-resistant to Bug and Grass-type Pokemon. Ho-Oh is also single resistant to Fairy, Fighting, Fire, Ground, and Steel-type Pokemon. Ground-type is counter-intuitively one of Ho-Oh’s resistances because its Flying side is double-strong, whereas the Fire side is weak.

Best moveset for Ho-Oh in Pokemon GO

At the moment, it looks like the best moveset for Ho-Oh in Pokemon GO is Incinerate (Fire) and Brave Bird (Flying). 

Ho-Oh has four quick moves, including Extrasensory (Psychic), Hidden Power (Normal), Incinerate (Fire), and Steel Wing (Steel). As for Charge Moves, there are three: Brave Bird (Flying), Solar Beam (Grass), and Fire Blast (Fire). You can also make Ho-Oh a lot stronger in PvP with Earthquake, which requires an Elite Charge TM.

Sunny weather boosts Fire-type Pokemon, including Ho-Oh and Incinerate, Fire Blast, and Solar Beam moves. However, Sunny weather leaves you vulnerable to already strong counters. Partly Cloudy allows you to take advantage of that double-rock weakness further.

Overall, Ho-Oh is not the best choice in PvE but can prove very useful in PvP, especially with Earthquake. 

How many Trainers does it take to Beat Ho-Oh

On average, it will likely take around 3-4 Pokemon Trainers to take down Ho-Oh. However, it is possible to beat Ho-Oh with less than 3 with a bit of luck. Additionally, any number of trainers greater than four will make this a breeze.

Best Counters for Ho-Oh

The number one counter against Ho-Oh is Rampardos with Smackdown and Rock Slide. Rampardos a bit of a glass cannon Pokemon, though, so be careful with that. 

Another great counter is Shadow Tyranitar with Smackdown and Stone Edge. Finally, in third place, we have to include Shadow Aerodactyl with Rock Throw and Rock Slide.

If you don’t have those Shadow Pokemon leveled up, understandably so, you may want to try Tyranitar with Smackdown and Stone Edge and Rhyperior with Smackdown and Rock Wrecker.

Ho-Oh is available from January 1 at 1 PM PST to January 5 at 10 AM Local Time in Pokemon GO.