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Quick and Simple guide on the types of battle tactics in pirate naval warfare.

In this guide, I will demonstrate various techniques of possible methods of ship warfare. This guide will also be updated as more features in the game are revealed.

Keep in mind that I am not a specialist in ship warfare, therefore this guide may not be reliable. This guide has been made from the experience of previous pirate games.

These ideas were formed from personal gameplay, the trailer, and live streamers.

Pirate Battle Tactics


This is the most basic tactic in pirate ship warfare. This tactic consists of long-range cannon battles where ships shoot each other while avoiding hits.

This is the most basic tactic in pirate ship warfare. This tactic consists of long-range cannon battles where ships shoot each other while avoiding hits.


Ramming is a tactic where your ship nose dives into the enemy’s ship. This will inflict a lot of damage to the enemy’s ship and you can also board their ship and kill everyone.


Boarding is when your crew members jump from your ship to the enemy’s ship to kill everyone.


This technique is an aid to board your enemy’s ship. You can also use grapples to level your ship with the enemy’s ship as well.


Although it may be expensive, using fire as a weapon can be deadly.


Using manpower or weapon power can discourage your enemies. Achieving the enemy’s surrender minimizes your ship’s destruction and crew members’ deaths.

Fake Surrender

Fake surrender is when you je bait your enemies into thinking you are surrendering but really you are setting up a trap. This is a very risky method but if you feel like your enemies are not expecting it, go for it.

Creative Tactics

These are tactics that are not necessarily easy to do but they could be useful.


Cornering consists of trapping your enemy’s ship into one direction and guiding it towards a solid object. In this case, the ship is being guided towards a small island where it will crash.

Stripping is when you use your cannons to destroy the enemy’s navigation systems. An example is destroying the enemy’s sail so it slows down, thus making it a vulnerable target.


This tactic is when you trigger a monster and guide the monster to focus on your enemy or crash into your enemy. This requires a lot of skill…

Horse Jump

If the enemy’s ship is hard to board, ram, or grapple, use horses to jump in it!
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