Ashmedai: Queen of Lust – How to Make Hell Less Vicious

Here are a few essential and easy to follow tips to make your progress through Hell less insufferable.

Tips to Make Progress

The List

  • Make good use of items in battle! There are a few items that fill in gaps to your team’s skillset. Use them wisely and you save a ton of time in combat, ignore them and suffer needlessly drawn out battles and potential defeat. Notable items include the Augury Ward and Regress Charm. Also the Fire Vase is nothing to sneeze at depending on who is in the current party. The 10 points of initial damage are not much, but the enemy takes 15% damage per round if they are burning. Which happens to be more than poison, hypothermia, bleeding and shocked states.
  • Play Succubus Shuffle! You will get tickets to play this mini-game from certain enemies. Don’t forget to use them! It is easy to forget they are stacking up by the dozens in your inventory. Play the game to get essential basic items (and save gold) or potentially valuable loot!
  • Play Gacha! Yes, wisely gamble away your hard earned gold. I advise having a healthy stack of essential items before doing this, but don’t avoid it completely. I had players in early access completely ignore this feature. Don’t do that! Keep in mind the 100 tier is going to just be useful items, nothing life-altering. The 1000 tier gives you the chance of genuinely good loot, and the 5000 tier only has top shelf rewards (ie great gear and new party members).
  • Check your inventory for loot boxes acquired from combat! Certain enemies drop loot boxes that have chances for some sweet gear, but it is another item that is easy to forget is stacking up in your inventory. Loot boxes from combat and Gacha are your primary method to get better gear.
  • Practice on the Mountain Pass! These short stages can be completed in just a couple of minutes but still give you XP and loot. There is a very small chance you run into a longer encounter on these stages so it allows you to more safely build power and wealth without risking a longer mission and failing part way through.

Now for a potential gameplay spoiler

Prioritize giving gifts to Rosmerta first. She is the only Lairmate that rewards you with gameplay impacting items. And you will want them sooner much rather than later…They are a huge time saver if acquired before it is too late to matter.

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