ARK: Survival Evolved – How to Kill Corrupted Master Controller (Genesis DLC)

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How to Kill Corrupted Master Controller

This guide describes how to fight against the Corrupted Master Controller.


Master Controller is not a boss like any of the current bosses. Unlike the other bosses, he stands impervious to any form of attack, until reaching “The Final Test” (Last phase of the arena fight).


At the final phase, gather off the data keys by killing off Corrupted Avatars and Corrupted Dinotars and gathering what it leaves behind. Send the data keys over to the codebreaker terminal to disable the shield protecting the Master Controller to harm it. Be warned that this is only temporary, and will render himself immune after some times, which requires the whole process to be repeated.


Wearing a full flak armors is a must in this fight as you may be required to be on foot to collect the Code Keys, along with Riot Shield on the last phase. Having multitudes of Shotgun shells to go with shotgun on dealing with the corrupteds will make it easier.

Recommended Tames

Most of the recommended tames are similar towards fighting against The Island Bosses, using Yutyrannus and Rexes. However, a Daeodon is mostly recommended in this fight as the Corrupted Avatar and Dinotar will exhaust the Rex’s health without a break.

Where possible, the X variant of Yutyrannus and Rex are recommended. Tek Rex are still possible.


Master Controller himself is not much of a danger, even at his last phase, but his lasers can hinder even the toughest survivor and tamed dinos due to its stun effect. The bigger issues are the Corrupted that spawns endlessly around the arena, constantly overwhelming them without a single break. Moreover, as the Code Keys are only gatherable on foot, this makes gathering more risky.


Despite the arena’s danger, Master Controller can only stun with its laser and not being able to move anywhere. This makes him a huge bullseye mark for killing when his shields are down.

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