The Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event kicks off today, March 9, and runs through March 23, 2021. What’s a collection event without some new rewards? This time around, players can pick up a brand new limited-time Kraber and EVA-8 weapon skin, among several other cool cosmetics in the rewards track. Earn up to 1000 points per day by completing challenges and playing matches. Check out the full list of Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event Price Tracker rewards down below.

There are also 24 themed, event-limited cosmetics available for direct purchase with Apex Coins or Crafting Metals, also obtainable through the Apex Packs while the event is active. Collecting all 24 event items unlocks the Bangalore Heirloom set, a Pilot’s knife she took from an opponent. Crafting costs return to normal since the anniversary Collection Event is over, and each Event Pack now have an event item and two non-event items with the drop rates below:

  • 1 Event Item: 50% Event Epic, 50% Event Legendary
  • 1 Non-Event Item: 70% Rare, 20% Epic, 10% Legendary
  • 1 Non-Event Item: 70% Rare, 20% Epic, 10% Legendary

Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event Prize Tracker Rewards

Here are the Prize Tracker rewards for the Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event:

  • 250 Points: Chaos Theory Badge
  • 500 Points: Life and Death Weapon Charm
  • 750 Points: Fuse Stat Tracker
  • 1000 Points: Gunslinger Weapon Charm, Crypto Stat Tracker
  • 1250 Points: Fuse Stat Tracker
  • 1500 Points: Oni Mask Weapon Charm, Crypto Stat Tracker
  • 2000 Points: Crypto Stat Tracker
  • 2500 Points: Artillery Support Weapon Charm
  • 3000 Points: Hieroglyph Heroics Rare Horizon Skin
  • 3500 Points: Royal Charge Legendary EVA-8 Skin
  • 4000 Points: Fuse Stat Tracker
  • 5000 Points: Robin’s Arrow Legendary Kraber Skin

Lastly, players can pick up a single log-in reward by merely launching the game. Pick up your Chaos Theory Music Pack for free by logging in during the Chaos Theory Collection Event. Here’s a better look at each of the rewards.

Chaos Theory Banner Badge

Fuse Stat Tracker for Damage Done

Life and Death Weapon Charm

Fuse Stat Tracker for Kills

Gunslinger Weapon Charm

Oni Mask Weapon Charm

Crypto Stat Tracker for Kills

 Artillery Support Weapon Charm

Hieroglyph Heroics Rare Horizon Skin

Royal Charge Legendary EVA-8 Auto Skin

Fuse Stat Tracker for Wins

Robin’s Arrow Legendary Kraber Skin