Anarea Battle Royale – Basic Guide

In this guide I will do my best to go through everything there is to know about Anarea as a new player. If you’ve played other BR games, I still strongly recommend you skim through it since some things do differ from other BR games.

Guide to Basics


Here’s the official roadmap for the upcoming months and updates

What is Anarea

Well, as the title reads, this is where our adventure begins.

Anarea is a “third person shooter” battle royale game. It’s in many ways very reminiscent of H1Z1, so if you played that in its glory days you’re in for a treat.

The game developers express in many ways that they want their game to be more about skill and less about luck, which makes it a lot more competetive skill-wise. As an example of this, every weapon has its own unique recoil, drag, drop rate, travel time and reset time so it’s definitely going to take some practice to master them all. This game is to a high degree SKILL BASED

Other than that, it’s simply a battle royale game. 60 people go in and only 1 can come out on top. “King of the hill”.. or kill. Your choice 😉

Gameplay Walkthrough

Now that you know a bit of what the game is about, let’s simulate a match to explain what you’re getting yourself into. Insert your syringes, prepare your medicine and get ready, bois and gals! (You’ll get the syringe part soon enough)

You hit the Play button and wait for the loading screen.

You get teleported into a lobby. There’s… not a lot to do here. Go chase a giant football for all I care.

Whoops, what the f’*ck happened now? You’re teleported onto Nera Island with a countdown on screen? Now, I can’t stress how important this is; check the minimap for surrounding buildings before the freezetime is over. Knowing right off the bat where to run for loot will give you a significant headstart.

Loot. This shouldn’t take up more than maximum a minute of your time, otherwise your shot at getting a high kill game is as good as zero. If you are new to the game though, let it take some time. Better improve your odds of survival than to run head first into a bullet first thing you do.

Make sure you grab either an AK-47 or an AR-15 if available. One of them is going to be your best friend alongside one of the two shotguns available. There’s a dedicated section in this guide that will explain the weapons more in-depth.

Also make sure to grab the M4016 if you see it. It’s the sniper of the game and it’s gonna give you a big advantage in long range fights.

Other than that, grab all the bandages, syringes, medicines, medkits, AR/AK/shotgun ammo and grenades that you can carry! Also, open the Combat Passive (Perk) boxes and grab the one you want if you’re lucky enough to get it. Once again, there’s a section in this guide dedicated to the Combat Passives that will explain them further to you.

Now you’re done looting! For every time you go through this phase, it’s gonna go faster and faster. You’ll be a looting pro in no time!

Ok, so you’ve looted. What now? Time to prepare for a fight. Look around you, are you in a big POI? Did you hear anyone running or shooting in your proximity? If you did, then go crack their skulls with some lead, champ!

If you’re in a small POI there’s a fair chance you’ve spawned either alone or with a very limited amount of players around you. Make sure to take the route that’s fairly quick but also close to POIs to find people on your way to the safezone.

Wait what, safezone? Yeah. There’s a ring on your map. Stay inside it or get choked to death by toxic gas. Fairly simple, tbh. Also, no vehicles.. Run! 

You’re looted up, you’re in the safezone and maybe you miraculously enough managed to snag a kill or two? Great! Now what? You continue shootin’ n’ lootin’. It’s really that simple. Also, try not to die.

How the actual did you make it here? You won the match, who would’ve thought? Now do it 9 times more to fill up those top 10 stats with wins. And after that, improve your total kill amounts on those wins. You go girl

Gameplay Tips & Tricks

If you’ve played H1Z1 or even PUBG, just skip this. You don’t need this. Just remember, no vehicles.

For everyone else, listen up.

Crosshair placement. When you’re carrying anything but a shotgun, where will the opponents head be? Your crosshair should be there at almost all times. Are you carrying a shotgun? Then where is their torso? Keep it there. And jump. Jump and shoot with the shotgun so that the enemy shoots you in the legs instead of the torso (if they even have their crosshair there).

When you’re on the move, make sure that you always have cover nearby. With cover I mean a big enough stone to hide your entire body, a wide tree or a hilltop/edge that you can hide behind to heal up.

Do not start a fight when you’re in the open if you arent 110% certain that you are able to kill your enemy before they can even shoot back at you.

If you have the high ground your bullet drop will be reduced drastically, which makes it easier for you to hit your shots.

The only reason you should rush someone with a shotgun is if you get shot at from a second player from another angle and need immediate cover to heal or if you’ve run out of heals. If you in any other situation choose to rush someone with a shotgun, you will burn in hell you piece of ♥♥♥. Also, This will happen to you if you COD-rush. Lil’ ♥♥♥.

Timesaving Tips & Tricks

This section of the guide is going to be fairly short, but it is after all.. timesaving.

  • I hope that every average gamer already does this, but for the love of god, change keybinds before you enter your first game. In my opinion, the default keybinds for this game are completely illogical. Have some self respect, you don’t wanna have to AFK your first game to figure out how to move forward.
  • Rather than waiting for the developers to add training grounds, go for the fights. You’ll never master the guns if you don’t use them.
  • Shield up before fights. This is extra important if you have an offensive perk. You shouldn’t ask why, it’s really logical, but we’ll get an extra reason as to why in the Combat Passives section.
  • Don’t run away from the safezone to loot if you don’t really have to. This won’t save your time as much as it will save your life, but by not being pressured to run in a certain direction due to the gas line closing in will save your life from “gas line campers”

Map & Points of Interest

Nice, you’ve suffered through the first and most boring parts of the guide. Now let’s take a look at the map:

See that top part that’s only mountains? Nothing there, can’t really get there. I’m sure they will make something out of it in the future, but for now there’s nothing there. I haven’t seen any bugs that cause you to spawn there either, so forget it’s there.

I’m not gonna drag this part of the guide out too much either, but have quick look at the map. See the big POIs, Nera City and Residential Rose? That’s where the biggest amount of people spawn and where they usually stay, as long as the safezone allows them to. If you want to get good at the game, winning isn’t everything in the beginning, so try to fight as much as possible. Try not to run over completely deserted areas such as the huge mountains if you’re looking for people. There you’ll only find well prepared campers or nothing else than rocks. Although the two mentioned have about the same IQ.

As always, the more centered you are on the map and in the safezone, the shorter you’ll typically have to run to get to the next safezone.

Weapon Walkthrough

Neat, you know where to run. Now you need to know how to handle that big gun in your hands. Here’s some useful info about it!

First off, check if your gun works. This is really easy, just look down the barrel of it and pull the trigger. By doing this, you’ll get a clear indication if your gun works or not.

Ok, to the more serious stuff. Below, you’ll find a list of all the guns in the game with some helpful info about each of them.


Go. For. The. Head.


  • Ammo type: .223
  • Magazine capacity: 30
  • Reserve ammo capacity: 300
  • Body Damage with shields: 25
  • Body Damage without shields: 25
  • Headshot damage with shields: 50
  • Headshot damage without shields: 100
  • Fire rate: Semi-Automatic

Try to shoot realtively calmly with this gun to be as accurate as possible. The recoil is very forgiving compared to the AK-47, but don’t go for bodyspraying anyways. Try to get as good as possible at “twotapping”. Two shots to the head. It kills, as you can see in the weapon stats. It’s pretty decent at all ranges, but it is best utilized in midrange fights.


  • Ammo type: 7.62×39
  • Magazine capacity: 30
  • Reserve ammo capacity: 300
  • Body Damage with shields:
  • Body damage without shields:
  • Headshot damage with shields:
  • Headshot damage without shields:
  • Fire rate: Automatic

M40A1 Sniper Rifle

  • Ammo type: 7.62×51
  • Magazine Capacity: 5
  • Reserve ammo capacity: 300
  • Body Damage with shields:
  • Body damage without shields:
  • Headshot damage with shields: Instakill
  • Headshot damage without shields: Instakill
  • Fire rate: Bolt Action

Go for the head for a guaranteed 1shot 1kill. Think of it as an SSG 08 in CSGO if you’ve ever played it… but in this game, people can heal. So go for the head all the time, unless you’re certain that they’re damaged to the point that you can kill them with a single bullet to the body. This weapon can be used at all ranges but is best utilized during longranged or midranged combat.


Go for the chest, not the head.

Mossberg 500

  • Ammo type: Caliber 20
  • Pellet count:
  • Magazine Capacity: 6
  • Reserve ammo capacity: 300
  • Body Damage with shields:
  • Body damage without shields:
  • Fire rate: Pump Action

Beretta 686

  • Ammo type: Caliber 12
  • Pellet count:
  • Magazine Capacity: 2
  • Reserve ammo capacity: 300
  • Body Damage with shields:
  • Body damage without shields:
  • Fire rate: Double Barrel


Only use these if you have to, or want to flex.

Desert Eagle

  • Ammo type: .50AE
  • Magazine Capacity: 7
  • Reserve ammo capacity: 300
  • Body Damage with shields:
  • Body damage without shields:
  • Headshot damage with shields:
  • Headshot damage without shields:
  • Fire rate: Semi-Automatic


  • Ammo type: 9×21
  • Magazine Capacity: 15
  • Reserve ammo capacity: 300
  • Body Damage with shields:
  • Body damage without shields:
  • Headshot damage with shields:
  • Headshot damage without shields:
  • Fire rate:

Item Walkthrough (Heals/Shields)

Okay, you know how to shoot. Great, but if you don’t know how the different healing items work, you’re still going to die over and over by misusing them and f*cking up your own gameplay.

Check out the list below for the currently available shield and health items.

Shield/Armor Items


You can carry a maximum of 7 Syringes. Using a syringe will take __ seconds and will after the usetime give you 25 shieldpoints over 5 seconds, 5 each second, which stands for 50% of the maximum shieldpoint capacity.


You can carry a maximum of 7 Medicines. Using Medicine will take __ seconds and will give you 50 shieldpoints, which stands for 100% of the maximum shieldpoint capacity. In other words, you’ll be fully shielded/armored up.

Healing Items


You can carry a maximum of 7 Bandages. Using a bandage will take __ seconds and it will heal you for 10 healthpoints, 10% of the maximum healthpoint capacity.


You can carry a maximum of 7 Medkits. Using a medkit will take __ seconds and will after use heal you for 20 healthpoints every second for 5 seconds, resulting in full hp recovery.

Combat Passives Walkthrough (Perks)

Okay, you know how to loot, intelligently navigate the map, shoot and use heals in a correct way.. Now you need to figure out which playstyle you prefer. It will come naturally to you after you grow accustomed to the game and when you’ve figured out how you like to play the game, choosing a perk that fits your playstyle will give you an extra edge in the game.

Below you’ll see the picture with (amazingly enough) even worse english than I have, posted by AXC Games.

Now check this out, a list under a list? Heck yes.

Offensive Perks

Offensive perks are enabled for __ seconds after you get a kill. After the timer runs out you’ll have to kill again to reactivate the perk. With an offensive perk equipped, always have full shield when running around if possible.


Each kill you get with the Leech perk activated will regenerate 20 healthpoints. If your health is full, it will regenerate shieldpoints. If shieldpoints are full, nothing will happen.


With the Ninja perk activated the audio of your footsteps is reduced by 50% and gunshots by 25%.


With the Murderer perk activated your bullets will cause the receiver to bleed for 1 healthpoint every 3 seconds during 15 seconds, which sums up to dealing 5 extra damage over 15 seconds per hit bullet.


With the Bomber perk activated Frag (HE) Grenades will deal 25% more damage.

Defensive Perks

Defensive perks are activated for __ seconds after you regain full shield points. After the timer runs out you’ll have to regain full shields again to reactivate the perk. To not waste valuable shield regen items, it is wise to have 25 shield applied to yourself when running around with a defensive perk equipped to avoid getting 1tapped in the head, and then either apply another syringe before engaging in a battle or applying medicine if shot when someone engages you in a battle to activate the perk before you start shooting.


With the Hardskin perk activated the damagde you take by grenades is reduced by 25%.


With the Strategist perk activated the duration of smoke grenades and flashbangs is extended by 2 seconds and their effective radius is increased by 25%.


With the Anti-Bleeding perk activated, it cancels out the bleeding effect applied by the Murderer perk.


With the Resistant perk activated you regenerate 25 shieldpoints after 10 seconds when shot. This is in my opinion one of the strongest perks as of right now if used correctly.

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