Among Us – How to Use Sabotages Effectively on Mira HQ (Useful Tips)

Tips For How to Use Sabotages on Mira HQ


Lights is one of the best sabotages to use to get kills!

You should do lights if there are a lot of people and you want kills because people cant see you unless you are right next to them!

Reactor Meltdown

In my opinion reactor is the least useful sabotage!

The only reason why you would want to use reactor is if you killed someone on the right side of the map (reactor is on the left) or if you want to put people at one place (Useful early game).


Oxygen is the best late game sabotage.

If there are 2 imposters and 6 or less crew alive oxygen is your best bet, you can wait at one of the keypads. If you want to get a double kill you should win (if you do, your best odds are for both imposters to wait at one because they can’t win without doing both and that forces them to go to it. If there is only 1 imposter alive you can do this at 4 (risky) or less. The reason why 4 is risky is because your kill cooldown will hold you back, if you want to win with 4 you want to get lucky that 2 fix the one your not at so you get one kill and that they forget you weren’t with them. With 3 you just need 1 kill and you one (like always camp one and spam the kill button, it does not matter if the last 2 are together!


Comms is another not really useful one.

You only really need to use comms at the very end game when everyone sticks together and does tasks, it can split them up and they can’t just finish tasks!

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