Alien: Isolation – How to Obtain One Shot Achievement (Best Way to Get)

One Shot Achievement Guide


So the main objective of this achievement is that you have to complete the entire game without dying once. You can choose any difficulty you want, but i prefer to use hard.


There are many ways to get this achievement, one of which is that you’re a good player, which let’s be honest… ur not. So how do you get this achievement, even if you are a bad player?

Well, if you’re playing the game, and the alien or any other enemy decides to grab you, or gun you down, you can pause the game, and quickly exit back to main menu.

However you have to make sure that you successfully exit the game before your screen goes black, and you see the loading animation in the top right corner of the screen.

If this saving animation is displayed, you have failed.

So just pause and quit while being in a dying animation. However some enemies in the game have faster dying animations.

For example the alien has very slow dying animations, so it’s easy to quit the game. Humans and androids have a faster death animation however, so if you are close to any humans or androids, be careful, and have your trigger finger ready.

There is however one enemy in the game, that has the fastest death animation, that can easily screw up your run very late into the game:

  • The Facehuggers.

If those things manage to latch on your face, you have about 1,5 seconds to react, so my advice:

Stay away from facehuggers.

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